Online Check-in

※ Online check-in is available only from 24 hours to
1 hour before departure.

If you check in online, you may be denied boarding
due tobar code errors orsecurity issues
or some boarding details might be changed
due to operation issues.
Please check again the boarding details and
whether the check-in process has been handled
properly at the check - in counter.

Check-in Online

You can check-in and choose the
seat of your preference on the
internet before you arrive at the airport.

Possible to Check-in Online

Passenger with confirmed reservation
and holds valid electronic ticket

Impossible to Check in Online

    • Passengers who require medical assistance or special help
    • Unaccompanied minor
    • A group with 16 or more passengers in a single reservation
    • China(CHEONGDU,
  1. 01 Click "Check-in Online" button and access to the Philippine Airlines Head Office website.
  2. 02 FIND MY BOOKING – Choose one way among the three to continue online check-in.
    Use Booking Reference LAST NAME: The passenger's last name

    BOOKING REFERENCE: The six character alphanumeric code from E-ticket
    Use E-ticket Number LAST NAME: The passenger's last name

    E-TICKET NUMBER: 13-digit numbers start with "079-"
    Use Frequent Flyer Number LAST NAME: The passenger's last name

    FREQUENT FLYER NUMBER: Mabuhay Miles Membership Number (9 digits)
  3. 03 Answer to the Security and Safety Questions and click "CONTINUE" button.
  4. 04 Get the boarding pass and Click "FINISH MY CHECK-IN" button.

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