Pregnant Passenger

Check the documents required for pregnant passengers and how to prepare them.

For pregnant passengers, only pregnant passengers who are less than 8 months pregnant can board the aircraft.
Pregnant passengers with poor health shall not travel regardless of the pregnancy period.


Pregnant passengers must prepare EMIS (Expectant Mother Information Sheet).
  • Valid period of EMIS to use international / domestic flights : As of departure date (including EMIS issue date), international flights – 7 days, domestic flights - 4 days
    Need 3 copies per sector(original1, scanned 2)

  • Ex)
    Departure : July 8, Incheon -> Manila,
    Return : July 16, Manila -> Incheon

    As of departure date : EMIS issued after July 1
    As of return date : EMIS issued after July 9

    Unable to board within 15 days of delivery
  • Under 6 months of pregnancy (24 weeks) : Prepare EMIS PART 1
  • From 6 months (24 weeks) of pregnancy, under 8 months (32 weeks) of pregnancy : Prepare EMIS PART 1 and 2 (Refer to the sample)

    PART2 shall be prepared by a physician

  • Pregnant passengers under 21 years of age : Additionally prepare parental consent and signature section at the bottom of EMIS PART1 (Refer to the sample)